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Do you remember your first job?
That feeling you had when you received your first pay cheque? I was recently reminded of that moment when I dropped Jen off at her home and she yelled out to her boyfriend, “Hey hon, I’m working now and I have money!”  Jen had just finished helping serve at our new Café Connect for a
YFC Summer camp wins over cottage and speed boating
Summer is hot and cool at YFC! I hope your summer is going well and that you are taking time to slow the pace down a bit, get energized and refocused for the fall. Here at YFC, we are in full camp and community mode.  Summer is a great time to develop new relationships with
A mid week encouragement!
A few weeks ago I had the privilege of joining other Londoners for a prayer breakfast at the Lamplighter Inn and Conference Centre. A couple I had not met before was sitting at my table. We introduced ourselves and quickly discovered that our stories had several significant intersections without either of us being aware of
Hope in the Journey
Last week I was asked to come to the hospital by one of the families we work with at YFC.  One of their family members was in palliative care due to cancer and they were requesting someone to come, meet and pray with them.  As I entered the room, the hospital bed was surrounded by
The man on the intersection . . .
The man on the intersection . . . How many of us have driven up to an intersection and seen someone in the median, limping back and forth with a sign asking for help? If you’re like me, I am often cynical as media informs me that many of these individuals don’t need my help


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