Café Connect Now Open!

Café Connect is an eclectic space where everyone feels like they’ve come home, a meeting point and a safe third space for community and all youth.

Intentionally made to create a space to escapes the pressures of life, Café Connect is a great place for youth to enjoy a beverage and a light refreshment, or for the community to gather.

Stay as long as you want. Get lost in a book or a conversation. Catch up on your friends through Facebook, send out some resumes or play a board game. It’s your time, so use it however you want.

We are open Monday to Friday, 8am-2pm for all ages and during the school year we are open Monday to Thursday 3pm-7pm for youth and young adults ages 12-24.

Thanks to everyone who is helping to create this great community space for youth.

See some behind the scene photos and check out our Café Connect Facebook page for weekly menu’s, daily specials and events that the café is hosting.

Cafe Connect YFC London

Funds Raised to Date

Grants and Foundations 135$
Private 32$

Still to be Raised

Remaining 68$

We are still raising $68,000.00 for the kitchen/cafe project in order to complete the project within budget. To support this initiative, and help provide a safe place for youth, please donate HERE.

Click here to register your card and check your balance. Or here to reload your card.  Click here to purchase an E-Gift Card!

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