YFC has it’s very own indoor skate park!

Skate boarding is one of Canada’s fastest growing sports. It is not just a sport; it is an art form, a lifestyle and a culture. It provides many benefits to youth including: a full body workout, increasing flexibility, endurance, precision, and coordination, and teaches patience and the benefits of practicing.

The highlight of our skate park? YFC will host East London’s only indoor mini-ramp, as well as quarter pipes, raised manual pad, bank ramps, kicker ramps and plenty of other ramps and rails.

Our skateboard programs will be launching March 7, 2016, so no matter what the weather, youth will be able to skateboard.  Don’t have a board? No worries. We have skateboards as well as safety equipment like helmets and pads (helmets will always be required and pads strongly recommended).

The park starts weekly on Monday March 7th from 6pm-9pm for High School students (under 18); Wednesday March 9th from 4pm-6pm for Junior High (grades 5-8) and from 6pm-9pm for High School students (under 18). Note that some parts will not be operational until later in the spring as they are currently under construction.

Thanks to the help of many volunteers, the construction is almost complete.

The initiative is supported by:
Libro Credit Union
The Rotary Club of London
GoodLife Kids Foundation – Win 4 Kids

Funds Raised To Date

Grants and Foundations 62$
Private 4$

Still to be Raised

Remaining 20$

We are only $20,000 short of our budget for the completion of the indoor park.
If you would like to contribute to this, please donate.

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