Over half a million cans have been collected in the last five years!

For more than 40 years, Youth For Christ has worked in co-operation with the Salvation Army to help provide food for the needy of London at Christmas time. Students take part in fund-raising activities in their schools and school areas during the month of November…some CRAZY things can happen for a can of food!

S.C.R.O.O.G.E. – S tudents C hristmas R ush for O odles and O odles of G oodies E tc. – involves many of our area high school students and teachers in the collection of canned goods during the first week of December. Students and teachers begin working on their campaign in late October of each year, organizing a wide variety of creative fund raisers leading up to the week when students go door to door in their school area collecting canned goods.

YFC London’s annual S.C.R.O.O.G.E. campaign provides students from all over the London area with a practical opportunity to extend themselves to those who are facing challenges; especially during the Christmas season.

After the campaign, arrangements are made for all the cans that have been collected and the money that’s been raised to be delivered to the Salvation Army for distribution during the Christmas season.

Thank you for your generousity in donating canned food and non-perishable food items. This year when a student comes to your home on behalf of S.C.R.O.O.G.E., let’s add to the giving!

For more information on how you can be involved, please contact us or phone 519.686.0093 during regular office hours. You can also fill out the YFC Registration Form to get you started!

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