YFC London connects the ministry passion of individuals with the staff who are living out that mission in community. Therefore when a person becomes a ministry partner, their monthly financial contributions are directed into the tangible work that staff are doing in community.

As a Ministry Partner, you stay connected with the staff so that you receive direct and current updates on their ministry. This provides you with additional information for prayer and/or to direct additional gifts to assist with new initiatives.

Should the staff member transition to a different role or vocation, we’ll provide you with another name of staff member to continue your partnership in the area of your passion.


YFC London does not receive core funding from the government or city. Our intentional work with youth is sustained by individuals like you who want to reach and empower the youth in our city. When we combine our resources, we become “Sustaining Partners.”

Sustaining Partnerships allows YFC London to remain focused on meeting the needs of youth in their communities. It keeps the focus consistent and does not bring harm into community through “short-term” fixes. We remain engaged for the long term relationships to see communities transformed by every young person reaching their full potential!

Partner With Us

There are many ways you can get involved with YFC London. Partner with us today and help make a difference!

To setup your monthly partnership download and mail the Monthly Partnership Form.

To setup your monthly partnership online, click donate and select “monthly”:


London is filled with extremely generous business owners. At YFC London, we are blessed to have partnered with many Corporate Sponsors who share our passion and vision for the youth of our city. Corporate Sponsorships helps provide financial support for the neighbourhood programs we provide as well as demonstrates that London businesses care about the community where they provide services.

Ask us about the tax advantages of becoming a Corporate Sponsor and let us recognize your business on our website, print media and at our special events.


YFC London’s youth programs are a vital part of the success of our ministry due to the relationships that are formed. It is through relationship that we can intentionally engage, equip and empower youth as we journey with them and do life with them. We therefore ensure that your hard earned money is first directed to the programs continuance and effectiveness.

Beyond your ministry or sustaining partnership, we would be happy to share the excitement of transforming the current youth centre. Our hope is to make it even more effective in reaching youth and more affective in meeting the needs of the youth that we journey with.


As an ambassador, you will be sharing with family, friends and colleagues about the exciting work at YFC London.

You will also participate in an impactful challenge.


We would like to challenge

  • 100 people
  • To ask 10 friends
  • To donate $100 to YFC London.

Let us cheer you on during your challenge and update your progress on our website and facebook.
Ask a friend to take the challenge with you! Nothing more exciting than a friendly competition.

As an ambassador, you may also like to host dessert nights or coordinate a ‘sandwich box’ fundraiser at your church or organization. Let us know and we’ll work together to reach your goal!

For information about our online collection of information and privacy policy, please click HERE.

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