Following Jesus’ mission, we engage with youth in London by building relationships, developing potential and exploring faith – in partnership with the community and local churches.


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Thank you for joining us and all your support at this year’s banquet! It was so encouraging to see a full house on November 7th at our annual YFC banquet. As we took a look at how we could come alongside and support youth in our city, we quickly saw how each of us have
They were chopping, slicing and stirring up ingredients to get the food ready for the slow cookers. From the outside, it looked like just another young moms slow cooker class. (A class where young moms, connected through Streetlight, come to our collective kitchen, prepare a healthy meal together using a slow cooker and eat it
That feeling you had when you received your first pay cheque? I was recently reminded of that moment when I dropped Jen off at her home and she yelled out to her boyfriend, “Hey hon, I’m working now and I have money!”  Jen had just finished helping serve at our new Café Connect for a
Summer is hot and cool at YFC! I hope your summer is going well and that you are taking time to slow the pace down a bit, get energized and refocused for the fall. Here at YFC, we are in full camp and community mode.  Summer is a great time to develop new relationships with
A few weeks ago I had the privilege of joining other Londoners for a prayer breakfast at the Lamplighter Inn and Conference Centre. A couple I had not met before was sitting at my table. We introduced ourselves and quickly discovered that our stories had several significant intersections without either of us being aware of

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At YFC London, we envision a healthy, diverse and safe city where youth have the opportunity to discover their God-given potential...


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