James Coolidge

Executive Director

In February 1994, James Coolidge moved his young family to London to start the first YFC London drop-in centre on Dearness Drive. After many years of working in youth and other non-profit ministries in London, he returned to YFC to become Executive Director in August 2011.  Asked why he feels it’s important to work with teens, James replies; “Teenagers are often viewed as leaders of the future, but I believe if we wait till then, we lose a lot of potential. Teens are today’s leaders in development who need encouragement and guidance to clarify their passions. Then, when provided with the empowerment and right opportunity, they have the creative energy, capacity and determination to be leaders of change in their communities, today.”

EMAIL: james.coolidge@yfclondon.com


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Justin Dimoff

Streetlight Director

Justin was in South Korea when God turned his life upside down and brought him to YFC London!  Justin says,”I am privileged to be working with the at-risk youth of London through the Streetlight program, and God has really opened my heart of to the need and potential of the streets.  Streetlight is not about a vehicle or a program, it’s about a community of people who need, and share our lives with each other.”

EMAIL: justin.dimoff@yfclondon.com





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Emily Jensen

Community Youth Worker

Emily Jensen is just finishing a degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies. She is passionate about young people seeing the truth about their value and the plan that God has for their lives. Emily is also heavily involved with providing snacks and dinner for junior programming. Emily is excited about the future for YFC with her plans of promoting ethical food choices, planting a community garden, educating youth on growing and buying food, and creating partnerships between YFC and local food providers.

EMAIL: emily.jensen@yfclondon.com



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Robin Kent


Come in on a Tuesday or Thursday morning and you’ll meet Robin!  Robin joined our team in 2013 through Community Living London and he is very diligent in helping us keep our centre clean.  Robin’s smile as he works puts a smile on everyone’s face that meets him at YFC!









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Jay Lawrence

Community Youth Sports Coordinator

Jay was born in South Africa, and his passion for youth ministry began there. He later moved to England where he was the director of a non-profit organization working with inner-city youth through soccer and projects in schools. In 2012, Jay moved his family to Canada to join the staff at YFC London where he now focuses on engaging with community youth through sport. Jay leads the Community Basketball program and coaches on a number of teams at Laurier Secondary School in the community.

EMAIL: jay.lawrence@yfclondon.com


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Cindy Rektor

Partner Development and Events Coordinator

Most of Cindy’s career was in the financial planning industry until 2010, when she decided to retire from the bank and move her efforts to a local charity as a fundraiser. Cindy felt that the not-for-profit industry is where her passion lies and joined YFC to coordinate our various partner events and partner development programs.  Cindy also supports our various community and youth events and is a great encouragement to the YFC London team.

EMAIL: cindy.rektor@yfclondon.com


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Rebecca Rundle

Office Administrator

Rebecca is wife to David and mother to Jonathan, Nathan and Meghan – all married now. When her children were growing up, she home schooled her children through to grade 8, encouraged them through their high school years and worked alongside her husband in their home-based business. As the kids got older, God starting stirring Rebecca’s heart to look for a way to support the family in a new way. With the office administration experience she had over the years outside the home and with their business, Rebecca joined the YFC London team in January 2011.

EMAIL: rebecca.rundle@yfclondon.com


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