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Over a year ago my son had just become involved with Compass Basketball through Youth for Christ.  He has always been obsessed with basketball and is so passionate about the game. We got to know Coach Jay originally through my son’s high school basketball team, and now he wanted to play for the Compass community team. 

At the same time as joining the Compass program, we as a family were going through a very tough time. My son and I were now living alone without my husband and were now in the middle of a huge transition that was painful and hurtful. As he was just starting Grade 9 I was really worried about him, he had been through so much and I didn’t want him to suffer and not know how to deal with all of it. I wanted him to still know he is loved.

Compass has become a huge part of our lives, much bigger than I ever imagined. Throughout the school year and summer he trains with the team and it’s become his place of refuge and peace – and he gained a new set of brothers. He has grown so much, and, as a family, we are in a much better place. 

The boys work really hard in the gym all year round, but at the same time the players in the Compass Academy have character development sessions that teach them about life choices and, inevitably, about faith too. I appreciate him having a role model like Jay that cares for the boys beyond the sport – they also have academic responsibilities for which they’re held accountable. He is now showing an interest again in his personal faith and wants to grow in that area. I’m excited to be a part of this program and see how other families, and their lives, are impacted by Youth for Christ and the Compass Basketball program.   

Post Author: James Coolidge