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At Connect, I’ve had the privilege of seeing a number of students boldly embrace their faith in their homes, amongst their friends and in their schools. A lot of them were asking, “What now?” And after some prayer and obvious guiding from God, I saw that training and unity were His heart for these kids.

Amplify – named by the students – is the high school Christian clubs collective. Once a month, these students give up their Saturday for training in leadership and ministry and collaborative conversations. They have seen their clubs awaken in their schools as they’ve taken on the leadership themselves and have created a space to grow and learn together.

Amplify students desire to share this bigger vision – to see their friends find and revitalize the Christian clubs in their own schools, to see God use them to have a great impact amongst their peers.

Currently, these students are planning an event for their schools based on The Amazing Race. Their hope is to show other Christian students that Christian clubs are relatable and exciting and also present the gospel to their schools.

Post Author: James Coolidge