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I am always humbled when God opens up doors to speak truth and value into the lives of youth.  Being a father of 4 daughters, it is especially meaningful for me to be able to journey with young men who need to know their true value and identity in Christ, rather than what the world says about them.

A few weeks back, “Will” and I were doing electronics pickups, and I could tell he had something on his mind beyond the probation hours he still needed to complete. Out of nowhere he blurted “I just found out I am going to be a dad. I  am excited but I’m really scared too. My dad left us, and I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes.”

For the next 2 hours I got to hear and affirm Will’s desire to be a good father, to be a solid partner, to be a provider….but to also acknowledging his fear that “he was flying blind about how he could make that all happen”. 

I am so blessed that God would allow me to be the one speaking life and value into this young man.  I am honoured that Will trusted me enough as well.

A few weeks later . . .

Will came to me distraught.  His girlfriend had lost the baby.  For the rest of our work project, I got to listen to his pain and try to speak comfort into the confusion.  Journeying with youth is being committed to the ups and downs)            

~Justin (Streetlight)

Post Author: James Coolidge