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A student was asked to share about their experience at YFC London and how God has affected his life.  He wrote it in a poem form and we wanted to share it with you as well.

Good Enough

There I was, a boy of nine
Started at a The School of Arts, it seemed all divine.
The friends I made then would soon to be.
The trouble of my past and major memories.

It started out small, a jest a joke
Small words of hatred they happily spoke.
Hey stupid. Hey ugly. Get up. Stop crying.
You weakling! Don’t you know? I’m just kidding.

Hey slave. Hey pack mule go get my lunch.
If you don’t, well let’s just say I pack a punch.

Now in grade eight. Still young but not innocent.
The joke got louder, meaner, more frequent.
Shut up! No one likes you. Go die in a hole.
You’re unwanted, unloved, you deserve this bull.

Suddenly it did not seem like a joke no more.
Shut myself in and scream at the door.
Look into the mirror, disgusted with myself
You’re stupid and ugly I kept telling myself.

Faking sick just to stay home from school.
I did not want to go back.
No self-respect.
Laugh behind my back.

So dark and alone, crying for help.
Hating all that drew breath I was truly alone.
Sitting at the edge of my bead with a knife to my chest.
You just got to fall, and the blade does the rest.

But alas I made it to high-school, thank god.
A new beginning ditched the old “friends”, they’re gone.
Surrounded myself with friends that cared.
Always there for a hug when I needed them there.

But there support was just not enough.
To clear the voices from my head, it was tough.
Still had very little self-respect.
Sometimes thought I’d be better dead.

A thing called Youth Form became part of my life.
Reintroduced me to god, lit a candle for light.
Not much, a glimpse a glimmer of hope.
Rebuilding the pieces of that was once broke.

Church now becoming a bigger part of my life.
Building community of love in midst of strife.
Walking, growing and struggle together.
More candles are lit, the doors opening wider.

Now this place called Youth for Christ.
Another home, another safe place.
Made more friends, more love.
Made it easy for happier days

Starting to feel like I actually matter.
Confidence is growing, I’m climbing the ladder.
Doubt still there, but its power is weaker.
Finding my voice, I’m becoming a speaker.

Still I did not feel worthy
Of any unconditional love.
No matter what scripture tells us.
I would not accept God’s love.

I am still trying to recall when and where I heard this.
Was it some speaker? Or God speaking in my head?
Wherever I had heard it from, it truly changed my life.
So thankful for how much I’ve learned, during my short life.

“If God’s only son was willing to die to save YOU,
What does that say about you?”
Only one answer popped into my mind.
I am enough, leave the rest behind.

I pause. I wait. Ponder the thought.
Look into the mirror who would have thought
That the self-hatred kept inside boiled up over the years
Vanished, disappeared, evaporated with my fears

Post Author: James Coolidge