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 Thank you for joining us and all your support at this year’s banquet!

It was so encouraging to see a full house on November 7th at our annual YFC banquet. As we took a look at how we could come alongside and support youth in our city, we quickly saw how each of us have a critical role in loving “our neighbours.”

Finances from this event go towards supporting our staff and programs as they come alongside and support youth in our city. Thank you for giving generously to help meet this need.

Some of you were unable to attend the banquet and therefore I wanted to bring the banquet to you.

If you go to the description area below the video, you can click on and watch the parts you would like to view. If you would prefer a DVD version of the banquet video, please let me know and I would be happy to mail it to you.

As you watch and consider your part in reaching and supporting our city’s youth, please consider making a donation ONLINE HERE or by calling the office or by mailing a cheque to the office. All donations are tax receiptable and will make an impact in young people’s lives.

Thank you again for journeying with us through your prayers and financial partnership in bringing hope and love to our young neighbours!

Post Author: James Coolidge