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Over the past week, we have gotten to know Cindy Rektor, our partner development and event coordinator, connecting with those that support YFC London financially. In the weeks to come, we will continue to get to know various staff and volunteers over our social platforms. So if you’re not already, follow us on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Youtube — whichever virtual community you find yourself in! — at YFC London.

Cindy wasn’t looking to go back to work as she began to enjoy retirement when James persuaded her to join the team for a short three months. Seven years later, she’s still enjoying working with YFC London!

When asked what she liked about working with her boss, Cindy jumped into an encouragement of James, displaying what makes her great at her job! She is well-known and well-liked for her generous and positive personality. Engaging with others is what gets her excited!

Previously working in the corporate world as a financial planner, Cindy found it refreshing to work alongside “kids” (the other staff) so passionate and sold-out to introducing young people to Jesus. She found it shocking and special to work in a Christian atmosphere that prioritises things like praying together. Cindy now enjoys working with partners in the YFC community who “share our passion for youth, for Christ. It shows in how they run their businesses and how they steward their money.” In the time of Covid, she’s discovered that our partners are finding a way to make this trial a positive experience. Many are trusting God to be faithful and continuing to support our ministry.

Working at YFC has taught Cindy that every individual matters. In her youth and her experience in the corporate world, she didn’t see the poverty and struggles that youth face. Even in the midst of it, each one has an incredible story. Each one designed uniquely and intentionally by God.

Cindy was an adult with a religious background when she discovered the relationship Jesus wanted to have with her. She describes her life as changed since that day. “Certainly not that I have less problems… I have a daughter, Nicky, who struggles a lot with her health. That didn’t change — that actually continues to decline. But I now know that Jesus has me through it, and that brings me joy. I know I can rely on Jesus. I know I can rely on the God who created me. I didn’t really understand what it meant to long for heaven, and now there is joy knowing that this tough life here that has hard times and ups and downs and health and all that kind of stuff is just temporary. I love it while I’m here, but I can’t wait to spend eternity with Jesus. And that brings me comfort and joy and hope and sets my heart on fire.”

James adds, “It’s even that God puts purpose into the brokenness in our world… ‘It’s all part of God’s plan’ can get confusing because people can say, ‘Why would God want to bring this terrible thing into our world?’ The terrible thing already existed in our world; God, though, is still in the midst… God hasn’t isolated Himself from us. He’s not six feet away from us! He’s right present with us, and He walks through it with us and brings purpose and value to it.”

The conversation moved to parenting, as Cindy is now the mother of three adult children. When asked for what advice she would give to a parent of a teenager, Cindy encouraged, “It gets better!” There will come a day when you can look at them with pride that you were are part in shaping who they have become. During the rough parts, it can be difficult to imagine how you’ll have a relationship with them when they’re older. But it happens! “Calling that value out — and what God’s put in them,” James agreed. In the hard times, it’s all about love and grace.

For the parents of children with special health challenges, Cindy voiced the importance of having a community to help on the hard days. Some days you don’t have the emotional capacity to do another hospital trip, and you need friends who will lift you up and take the kids for you. It’s so important not to isolate yourself! If you’re not in community, find your local church. It’s even easier during this time as everyone is online. You can easily find a church community live streaming on Youtube on a Sunday. Look for ones in London, Ontario, drop a comment and get plugged in. If you’re finding that the church might be viewing you as a “project” or isn’t allowing you to simply receive as you need in that season, don’t be afraid to move on until you find a community that is right for you. There are places that will focus on building a relationship and invite you into the community — because you do belong!

Cindy closed by plugging upcoming events. There’s a Walkathon and a Golf Tournament coming up — both fun ways to be involved in our community. You can find the details on our website.

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Post Author: James Coolidge