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Over the past week, we have gotten to know Sarah Webb, our barista at Cafe Connect. In the weeks to come, we will continue to get to know various staff and volunteers over our social platforms. So if you’re not already, follow us on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Youtube — whichever virtual community you find yourself in! — at YFC London.

Since Sarah is a barista (and we’re all missing visiting our favourite cafes!), Sarah brought us into Cafe Connect for our Insta Live conversation. While she brewed us a latte and James asked for insider tips into the workings of a cafe, the conversation circled topics of her childhood and upbringing, ribbing each other over the differences between Canada and America, as well as recent months in Covid.

Sarah has recently joined us from her home-state of Pennsylvania! The barista life found her when a cafe opened up in her town. She grew to love the role — the creative and technical aspects of making the perfect latte, in addition to the community aspect that comes with it. Her first passion was for youth, working with her church youth group. Slowly God merged the two passions and led her to join the team at YFC London.

Coffee can be such a helpful tool in ministry. Conversations happen naturally and people are more likely to open up when they have a warm drink in their hand. Sarah is passionate about creating an atmosphere that draws people in and helps them to feel welcome and equal.

Coming from a home of thirteen children — biologically and through adoption (with many more siblings through foster care!), shaped Sarah in many ways. She learned to accept people the way they are, with their diverse backgrounds, and not try to change them. James noted, “that’s why you’re such a loving, compassionate, kind-hearted person… You’re very intentional. You’re very connected and present with the person that’s in your midst. And you don’t judge. There’s lots of things you could judge any one of us on this team about *laughter* and you don’t! You just keep encouraging and praying for us!”

Currently, as we are no longer able to use our cafe for customers, Sarah has been helping with the meals that go out to our community Monday to Friday. The cafe has been transformed to allow volunteers to safely prepare, package and pick up for delivery hundreds of meals a day!

Sarah closed the interview offering James some tips for his V60 and with this advice for our time in isolation: “Stay connected to people. Don’t go it alone. Drink your coffee. Go on some Zoom calls. Don’t go alone.”


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Post Author: James Coolidge