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This year, our March Break Day Camp was a huge success! During this week we offered a Guitar elective where students can learn the basics of playing guitar. Interest for this elective has more than doubled since our Summer Day Camps and last year’s March Break Camp. By the end of the week, most of the students were able to play songs on the guitar using basic chords. This is great in itself, but what was really exciting was in the weeks following this elective, interest in guitar has exploded in our After School Program. Students have bought guitars and brought them to YFC and are playing regularly. There is a general desire to learn more and we are beginning to set aside time during the week for music lessons after school. Students are also looking for a way that they can use their newly develop talents for others. Thankfully this opportunity is found in the Jr. Connect! The makings of a Jr. Connect band has begun and students will continue to develop their skills and learn how to worship God and serve others in a practical way.

Post Author: James Coolidge