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It was like any other day after school as this young girl entered the centre, encircled by her friends.  Normally her routine would involve going into the gym and joining her friends in a high energy game of basketball, volleyball or literally just running around in circles.  Yet on this particular day, she curled up on one of the comfy chairs and began to isolate herself on her cell phone.

As I sat quietly beside her, I was gifted with her trust and she began to share what her daily world looked like with her home, school, peers and life in constant change.  With a heavy sigh she fell into silence and I simply asked, “What can we do here that will help you?”  With an intense look she asked, “Can you be a quiet distraction?”

For the remainder of the week, this young girl would come to the centre and sit quietly beside a volunteer and knit.  It was exactly what she needed.  That is the amazing thing about our ministry at YFC.  It does not have to always be about the ‘doing’, but for some of our youth the important moments are about the ‘being’ and being safe in that moment.   

Post Author: James Coolidge