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They were chopping, slicing and stirring up ingredients to get the food ready for the slow cookers. From the outside, it looked like just another young moms slow cooker class. (A class where young moms, connected through Streetlight, come to our collective kitchen, prepare a healthy meal together using a slow cooker and eat it with their children.  At the end of the class series, each of them gets to keep the slow cooker.)

However, this time, something was different.  The recipe came from one of the young moms and she was in charge of giving the directions to the other moms, staff and volunteers.  Sarah, from our YFC team, shared with me how this young mom lit up as she told everyone about her favorite recipe and led the entire class.  Then when everyone tasted the meal, and it was delicious, they all wanted the recipe to take home and share with their families.  This young mom was not only empowering her peers, but also the adults who were journeying with her.

This carried over to Streetlight the following night as she shared with her friends about how she led the class and everyone loved her meal!  You could tell by her story that she experienced the joy and satisfaction of offering something of value and fulfilling a need in her community.  Rather than being on the receiving end, she had something to give and others benefited from her gift!

I love the team of leaders and volunteers that I work with at YFC.  They understand that our role is not to simply provide for youth but rather help them discover what they have to offer and empower them to do so.  This could have been a cooking class where the participants were simply told what to do.  However, Sarah, and the team of volunteers were able to make it a home experience where everyone has something to contribute and everyone has something to receive.

Thank you for journeying with us as we journey with youth.  I hope this story encourages your heart as much as it did mine.

Post Author: James Coolidge