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We’re pregnant and we don’t have much support from family.  We are currently couch surfing and don’t really know our next steps.  We want our baby to be healthy and we want our relationship to be stable.  We don’t know where to go!”  

These were the words from Kari (age 22) and Tom (age 24) at Streetlight last week.  Fortunately, they had already started to connect with Amie Latta during our outreach nights on the RV downtown. They were thrilled to learn that, as a new YFC staff member at Streetlight, Amie was available to journey with them through this pregnancy.  They were not going to be alone. 

We are so thankful that Amie Latta has joined the Streetlight team and are encouraged to see how God is already using her compassion and skills in our community.  Please continue to pray for Amie and Justin as they bring the hope and love of Jesus to youth downtown.

Post Author: James Coolidge