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What we do

The Hub Youth Center offers opportunities for young people to discover their potential while engaging in activities in a safe, community-oriented atmosphere. The Hub is where our mission and values come to life!


The Hub Youth Center is a safe space for youth to come after school and connect with friends, supportive adults and fun programs.  

While some may need to burn off some extra energy in the gym, many simply enjoy lazing around on the couches or getting caught up on some homework.  A variety of art, skill and leadership programs are also available for youth to learn and discover.

So don’t go home to an empty house, come to The Hub and get involved with youth your age who are looking for a place to hang out and have fun.

The Deck provides a safe and interactive place for youth to skateboard and scooter indoors during the cold winter months.  We have adult volunteers who have been trained to work with youth and support them in skate as well as life.

We see the park as more than a place to skate, we create community.  With an entire youth centre and cafe available to us at The Hub, there are many opportunities to make new friends while you  shred.

Join The Collective as we gather every Tuesday evening from 6-8 PM. 

This group is geared towards youth aged 12-18. A medium sized youth group, The Collective offers a safe and friendly atmosphere where youth can ask questions and learn more about what the power of Jesus’ love can do in their daily lives. Regular evening activities consist of teachings, prayer, messages from the Bible and small group discussions. The highlight of these evenings is the fellowship that youth can find while sharing their lives with peers.

You do not have to be a member of a church to participate in this program. ALL are welcome!


Summit Camps are geared for ages 12-17. Our camps focus on specific skills and interests, with each week having a different theme. Pick out the theme that suits you best and get ready for a week of fun, skill development, faith discussion, character building and new friends.

For youth older than 17, we invite you to apply to be a camp volunteer to be involved  as a Counselor in Training (CIT) or in the Summer Support Team.

OUTBOUND Excursions take youth beyond city limits and introduces them to a variety of activities in the great outdoors. Through various nature-based experiences, youth learn life skills like leadership, communication and team work. What a powerful way to learn about yourself while surrounded by the beauty of creation


Compass is a community basketball program that started in Pond Mills area in 2013. It started as pick-up ball with over 30 local high school boys, some with experience and many without. The goal was always to use basketball to build relationships, create mentoring opportunities, provide a safe environment where players feel loved and encouraged, and to allow them to find their God-given purpose and identity. The goal has never changed.


Streetlight aims to meet the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of at-risk youth in London. Our goal is to provide a safe space for at-risk youth (16-26 years) to receive food, basic needs, advocacy and a sense of community. Streetlight journeys with youth as they seek housing stability, mental health and wellness support, addiction treatments, deal with legal issues, and ongoing family/parenting support.  Opportunities for life skills and employment development are also provided by the staff and volunteers.


E-recycle provides free professional pickup and removal of unwanted electronics in the London and surrounding area, creating employment hours, mentorship, and skills development opportunities for at-risk youth. Youth involved in E-recycle youth recognize their employment potential and continue on the path to becoming positive and experienced contributors to the local workforce and surrounding community.



Café Connect is an eclectic space where everyone feels like they’ve come home; a meeting place and safe space for community and all youth.

Café Connect is a warm and relaxing space to eat, hang out and  gather in community. Stay as long as you want. Get lost in a book or a conversation. Catch up with your friends, play a board game or simply enjoy quiet time. It’s your time and your space, so use it however you like.