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Summer is hot and cool at YFC!

I hope your summer is going well and that you are taking time to slow the pace down a bit, get energized and refocused for the fall.

Here at YFC, we are in full camp and community mode.  Summer is a great time to develop new relationships with youth and deepen others.  It is an opportunity to get youth away from screens and into the beautiful outdoors; to get them off Facebook and SnapChat and into live conversations and non-virtual friendships.

I had the opportunity to connect with a father last night who was waiting to pick up his son.  He shared with me about the family cottage he and his siblings used.  They share a speed boat and a lot of watercraft equipment.  He said that it was the highlight of every summer for him and his son.  However, each night after YFC camps, his son kept coming home even more excited about the camp then the night before.  So he asked him “Is this YFC camp more fun than a week at the cottage?”  To which his son replied “Ya, It’s way more fun than the cottage!”  In jest the father said to me, “You win!”  To which I replied “But it was your idea to send him to camp…we both win!”

We are so blessed to have a team of leaders and volunteers who are filled with creative energy and a genuine love for the community youth we have coming into the centre each day.  At each of the camps, youth are hearing about a caring and creative God who loves His creation and loves them individually.  Each of them are uniquely designed and created by a loving God for a special purpose.  For many of these youth, it is the first time they have heard about this God.  It is so exciting.

However, one of the staff shared with me that some youth will not be able to come to camp this summer because their parents cannot afford the expense due to the increase in home bills.  At this point our budget is very lean since we have already subsidized the overall camp expenses and have additionally helped a few of the families who expressed need back in the spring.  Unfortunately the need is greater than our revenues at this time.

Would you prayerfully consider making a special donation to YFC to help with this practical need?  $25,000 would provide us with the variance we are currently looking at.  Every gift will help.

Click here to Donate Online.  You can also call the office to donate by credit card over the phone or come by the office for a coffee when you make your donation.

Post Author: James Coolidge